Sanitary Ware & Tiles

About Us

Otec combines two range of products: Sanitary ware and Ceramic tiles that have over 50 years of experience in this industry in the middle-east.

Otec is the exclusive distributor in Lebanon of Roca Sanitario S.A the world leading manufacture of sanitary ware products and tiles. We are proud to offer not only high quality products but also durable and cutting edge design.

Our Goal

Our goal is to build a good reputation for quality and to offer distinctive service while respecting the European Norms and Standards as well as LEED requirements for water & energy saving. – We are water: Roca established the “We Are Water Foundation” in order to promote awareness and encourage debate.

Our mixers are composed of an innovative tap system that turns on the faucet with cold water. The opening of the lever to the right is blocked, which is why water flows cold from the front opening position. If the lever is turned towards the left, water obtained will be gradually hotter. This way, there are not only water savings, but also in energy, since we prevent the heater from firing up the heater when it is not necessary.

W+W: Using advanced technology, Roca combines in one piece the washbasin and toilet WC: the water used by the washbasin flows into the WC tank via an integrated automatic cleaning system. A space saving product that is both aesthetic, reliable, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly.

Our Team

The Company employs around 45 well trained and experienced people. We place our full trust and confidence in all of these people and has a state of the art office, two luxurious showrooms and warehouses. We place our full trust and confidence in all of these people.

Our Projects

We held lot of big projects in Lebanon such as educational institutes, hospitals, hotels & restaurants, airport, housing …

Our Products

Our Sanitary ware products range from porcelain sanitary ware, mixers, bathtubs, bathroom furniture and Accessories. We also have more than 200 model of Tiles.